Happy Valley, Oregon

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We appreciate a hidden gem when it comes to real estate locations, and today we are going to feature Happy Valley. It’s a great place to call home, and we thought we would show you why.

Interesting Things about Happy Valley

Census statistics say the city is not huge, in fact, it’s only about 8-square miles and packs in about 20-thousand people. Within this space, the city parks department offers robust programs for citizens young and old. There are dog parks, splash pads, skate parks and tons of annual activities to celebrate with fellow community members.

Some other interesting features are the community garden open to residents and the sculpture garden which rotates every 2-years. The city does a great job of celebrating their residents as well, regularly featuring them in city websites and local news publications.

The Happy Valley Resources

Are you setting up house in Happy Valley? Well, you are going to need plenty of resources to do that, and we have some of the major ones listed below.

Happy Valley – Education and Safety

The education outlook for Happy Valley’s younger residents is spread out among 17-schools in either the North Clackamas School District 12 (over 17K students) or Centennial School District 28 (over 6k students). Most of the schools there get an average to an above average rating from residents.

As far as safety, crime statistics say the city is only about 27% safer than similar U.S. cities. This statistic is likely impacted by Portland uptick in crime over the past year.

Happy Valley – Real  Estate

The median home price in Happy Valley is $495,000 which is over two times the national average of just over $200,000. Almost 85% of residents own the dwelling they are in, and they pay over $3,000 in property taxes a year.