Summer Home Maintenance Tips for Oregon Homeowners

Top 8 Summer Home Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Spring is the perfect time to prepare your home for the Summer season. The only trouble is, this kind of maintenance can feel pretty overwhelming. We have created a list of top eight tips for prepping your home for summer, some of which may require getting some help from professionals. Since Summer will be here in a flash you’ll want to schedule any appointments now to ensure some of the professionals haven’t been booked out, or worse, just don’t have time to fit your in. Let’s get right to it.

1. Windows and Screens

Did you know you can use a vacuum to get up any debris that you might find in the window tracks? This little tip will save you a season of fighting a window open, or worse, struggling to get it closed again. You might even consider taking the screen out entirely and giving them a good wash down. You can use a biodegradable solution by mixing hot water with vinegar and apply in wide sweeping sprays. Let the solution go to work and then opt to take a brush or sponge to it and wash them.

You’ll want to dry each one with a dry towel or similar and then replace them. A little tip, sometimes, even when you’re working with windows that are all the same size, some mould to their window frames. You might mark them in that situation as to where they go, so you don’t fight with them later.

2. Schedule Service for your HVAC

Talk to any specialist in the HVAC industry, and they will tell you that it never fails, an HVAC system will fall apart on the hottest day of the year. So will every one of your neighbors HVAC units. To avoid being stuck in a holding pattern, waiting your turn sweltering in the heat, have your HVAC system checked now before the temps get too harsh. Not only will you have a good working HVAC system, but the provider will be happy that you scheduled your maintenance early.

3. Inspect Your External Home Structure

Polishing your home’s exterior is more than making it look good from the curb; that is just the icing on the cake. The more significant purpose is to ensure nothing is going rogue on you. Meaning, a good walk of your property can reveal you have pests trying to get in, water damage, missing siding or shingles and much more. Repair anything that may need touching up and then consider power washing your home. If you don’t have a power washer, you can rent one from a big box home improvement store.

4. Evaluation of Your Driveway

Driveways are often overlooked and only seen as needing repair when something dire is at stake. Spring is a great time to make changes or have a little fun with trying something new. Does your driveway meet the necessary safety elements? After those elements are handled, are you ready to consider something new like using pavers or redoing the entire driveway with heat or lights? Making repairs after a long Winter will help you stay on top of anything that can cause long-term issues if they aren’t repaired within a reasonable amount of time.

5. Faucets and Drains

Mineral build-up can cause all kinds of annoying issues and most of which are pretty easy to handle. Faucets tend to stop working efficiently, and shower heads might start squirting you in the eye as one (or more) of the chambers decides to go rogue. Take your fixture apart and clean them with safe cleaners that will remove hard water, calcium, rust or lime. If you don’t want to take your show head apart (no one does), you can fill a plastic bag with your cleaning solution and tie that around the showerhead to soak.

As far as drains are concerned, this is not a fun job, but a good maintenance habit worth adopting. Don’t wait for there to be a backup, because you already know that is going to happen when you have guests. Be proactive and clean the drains and flush them with a bleach solution to get them flowing in tip-top shape. Call us at New Day Home Inspections if we can help with your sewer lines with a sewer scope appointment.

6. Clean Downspouts and Gutters

After a Winter full of – who knows what, your drains and gutters might have taken a beating. Take some time to clean these spaces out because as Spring downpours arrive, the last thing you need is full gutters that backup water into your eaves doing some significant damage. If you’re uncomfortable doing this yourself, which is understandable, consider hiring someone to help you with this task. If hiring someone means you won’t have to climb ladders, the expense is worth it to get professionals.

7. Vents and Exhaust

Spring is a great time to get in the habit of checking your vents and exhaust systems. These mechanical features should be effectively carrying inside air outside and should be free from birds and other small animals that might find your vents a great place to either build a nest or enter your home and into your attic. If you sense that animals might be present, you’ll want to call an animal removal company and have the mess professionally cleaned up. Just picking up animals nests isn’t enough, (and can be bad for your health actually) and you’ll need to erase their presence there, or they’ll just return and do it again.

8. Fence Inspection

If you have a metal fence, chances are you won’t have much to worry about, however, wood fences are a different story. Check them for damage and make a plan to repair, restain, repaint or rebuild any part of the fence that isn’t functioning correctly.

Can we help with any home inspection needs? At New Day Home Inspections we can do drone inspections of your roof, thermal imaging, radon testing and more. Please call or connect with us online.