Milwaukie, Oregon

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Milwaukie is a small city, South of Portland on the Willamette River. What this city lacks in population, it more than makes up for in charm and appeal.

Milwaukie at A Glance 

Known as the “Dogwood City of The West” Milwaukie has an abundant supply of these spring blossoms, which complement the city’s relaxed, friendly way of life. The population of Milwaukie is just shy of 21,000, having grown by 1.2% since 2010. The median home value in Milwaukie is $356,200, belying a cost of living that eclipses the national average by more than 30%. However, the unemployment rate here falls below the national average, and job outlook continues to grow. 

Not only is Milwaukie picturesque, but the residents are also known for being friendly, and for keeping businesses open long enough that they become something like local legends. The charming downtown area serves up hometown vibes that are hard to resist for visitors and new transplants alike. 

Local Resources 

Despite being small, Milwaukie has certainly kept up with the times. The city website features a comprehensive calendar of community events, information about the different neighborhoods within Milwaukie, and even the option to purchase a parking permit online. It’s something of a one-stop-shop for new resident needs. 

Some important phone numbers worth taking down before moving to Milwaukie are:

  • Milwaukie Police Department — (503) 786-7400
  • Milwaukie Fire Department — (503) 742-2600
  • Milwaukie Public Works — (503) 786-7600

Being able to contact these departments will eliminate hiccups large or small during or after the process of moving to Milwaukie. 

A number of exciting local events take place regularly, including:

  • The Milwaukie Farmers Market, which can be visited every Sunday in Downtown Milwaukie until October.
  • First Friday Milwaukie, an event that occurs on the first Friday of every month from May through October to celebrate local artists, musicians, and food trucks in Downtown Milwaukie; the entire event feels like a big block party.
  • The Milwaukie Poetry Series takes place on Wednesdays September through June in the Ledding Library Pond House. This series of poetry readings aims to make poetry accessible to all members of the community. 

Milwaukie is the kind of city that can feel like everyone’s hometown just by virtue of its friendly and picturesque character. New residents are sure to grow to love Milwaukie as much as those who have lived there all of their lives.