Best Places to Live in Portland, OR

Though the Portland population boom may be slowing slightly, Portland has grown by around 10,000 people per year since 2010. Its abundant cultural offerings and inclusive attitude draw many new residents to Portland, but it can be difficult to know which neighborhoods are best when settling as a transplant; here are 3 of the best places to live in Portland for different sorts of lifestyles. 


Right on the banks of the Willamette River, the Pearl District is trendy in every sense of the word. With many more condos than single family homes, Pearl is right in the heart of Portland’s busiest area, and is therefore ideal for young professionals focusing on their careers more than on making room for a family. The median home value in Pearl is just under $400,000, and the area feels distinctly urban. Tons of amenities for dining, shopping, and entertainment are a major draw to the Pearl area, not to mention the fact that the neighborhood somehow maintains a sense of community. 


On the Southeast side of the city, Eastmoreland is a favorite neighborhood for its low crime, stellar public schools, and buzzing nightlife. Comprised of mostly single family homes, the median home value in Eastmoreland is $496,000. Most of the area’s 6,700 residents own their homes, so it’s a perfect spot for families who are ready to pay a little extra for a secure, community-minded neighborhood. There’s no shortage of charm in the houses of Eastmoreland, and they offer the classic Pacific Northwest Aesthetic that so many new residents are after. 

Five Oaks

Located to the West of Portland itself, Five Oaks (technically a part of nearby Beaverton, OR) is a suburban area with more affordable housing options than most of Portland. The median home value here is just shy of $315,000 despite only being minutes from Portland industry and having high quality public schools. Plus, although many of the areas nearly 20,000 residents rent their homes, there are plenty of single family houses available. All of this makes Five Oaks a perfect area for young families not prepared to spend quite as much on a home, but that don’t want to compromise security and amenities. 

There are lots of reasons to love Portland, and it’s hard to go wrong picking a neighborhood there, but not every environment suits every lifestyle. These 3 areas should be able to accommodate Portland transplants in every phase of life comfortably.

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